If mom's not healthy... no-one is!

Blood tests for environmental toxins give women the information they need for their family's health.

QualeVita tests environmental toxins that can affect women, moms, and babies.

Environmental toxins affect the health of women and their children, like this image of a mom hugging her daughter

Environmental toxins affect human health

A woman’s exposure to toxic environmental chemicals affects the health of her family, even before she has one.  In 2015, the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (IFGO) concluded that due to the reproductive health impacts of exposure to toxic environmental chemicals, doctors should make environmental health a routine part of health care, particularly in the case of expectant mothers.

How is exposure to environmental toxins measured?

No single blood test can measure all the chemical toxins that could be in the body. Current lab tests for environmental toxins in blood typically require an intravenous blood draw, requiring a visit to both a doctor and a lab.  The accuracy of the tests using current technology is affected by sample collection, storage, and analysis.

Better measurements, less blood

A combination of dried blood spot sampling (DBS) and a technique called Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry (IDMS) means QualeVita solves the problems created by sample collection, storage and analysis using a sample as small as a finger or heel prick.  Because a much smaller blood sample is required, our tests are convenient, less traumatic, and affordable.

Image of a hand with drop of blood from finger prick showing blood needed for test for environmental toxins

The benefits of QualeVita

Child Friendly

Only a finger or heel prick is required, reducing physical demands and emotional distress for children and adults.

Proven Accuracy

Our direct isotope dilution technology is demonstrated to return more accurate results than standard lab methods.

Superior Convenience

Provide a blood sample without a trip to the lab. There are no appointments, travel, or lines.


Our tests reduce sample size, giving more information with less blood. Higher accuracy reduces retesting.

artists rendition of a QualeVita Diagnostics report for environmental toxins in blood

What you can learn from our tests

Pregnant woman whose health will benefit from info from the environmental toxins pregnancy panel


A test panel available pre-conception and during pregnancy measures environmental toxins.

Happy family illustrating how an autism panel may be useful before autism behavioral manifestations appear


Measure biomarkers linked to autism in children before behavioral manifestations begin.

A mother and child picking fruit to eat at the grocery store illustrate how what we are exposed to in our food, air water, is our exposome (including environmental toxins), and can be measured using a variety of QualeVita test panels


Tests for metals, persistent organic pollutants, and clinical biomarkers measure your body’s toxic burden.

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