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Our Mission and Vision

QualeVita Diagnostics is committed to helping individuals, doctors, and researchers understand the impact of environmental toxins on human health. To this end, we have introduced the convenience and ease of approved finger-prick technology along with our unique ability to monitor sample fidelity for the monitoring of health, wellness, and the accumulated toxic burden of the human body.  We envision the lab tests we develop will provide information that will help doctors make informed decisions about diagnoses. We provide an opportunity to not only bring clinical diagnostics literally to everyone’s fingertips, but we are in a unique position to begin the informatics correlation between the human environmental toxin burden (Exposomics) with protein regulation (Proteomics), and gene expression (Genomics).

Current Technology

Our immediate product offering identifies baseline toxic burden levels of pregnant women and monitors reduction of toxins during pregnancy to facilitate delivery of healthy babies.  The  sensitivity and selectivity of this technology has also been demonstrated effective in identifying leading biomarkers for the early identification of early stage childhood disease including Autism Spectrum Disorder prior to behavioral manifestation.

QualeVita has developed these significantly more accurate and precise human health tests that deliver much higher data quality using FDA approved Dried Blood Spot cards with finger prick technology, eliminating the need for a phlebotomist blood draw.


Chris Loran

Chris Loran


Chris is a Silicon Valley executive with twenty three years progressive experience in life science and biotechnology business development, product development, P&L, and marketing.

Why Quality of Life Became My Focus

QualeVita Diagnostics was started on the premise that better information lets people make better decisions for quality of life.  Our tests are designed to help doctors and patients understand the body and how our environment; our exposome, affects our health through the analysis of metals, chemical toxins, and through biomarker analyses for early identification of disease indicators.

While we can’t alter our inherited genetic makeup, we can directly measure and control our personal toxic burden level.  QualeVita is pioneering the field of exposomics to identify contributors to genetic expression and disease triggers for individuals and newborns.  We are committed to the sharing of knowledge, data, and experience to the advancement of health and wellness.

Our team is continually expanding the development, application, and publication of our technology to new challenges in human health testing and analysis.  Please take time to explore our site, our company, technical papers, patents, and reference citations.  You are invited to join our community and share information on new tests, technologies, and the latest exposomic health information on pre-conception, pregnancy, and adult wellness.

About QualeVita Diagnostics

QualeVita Diagnostics is a clinical diagnostics startup that is dedicated to providing, patented, published, and US Codified technology for the advancement of human health testing.

Definitek developed and patented the D-IDMS and D-SIDMS technology starting in 1996 as a means to quantitatively identify and track changes in samples from point of collection to the point of analysis typically done by mass spectrometry in environmental, chemical, and food applications.  The technology has been independently tested, extensively reviewed and in 2008 nationally codified as USEPA Method 6800.  In 2013 Definitek applied this technology to biologic sample matrices including blood and plasma, to investigate the ability to quantitatively identify toxic metal accumulation as well as clinical biomarkers in the body, while tracking any changes that may occur between collection at the body and analysis.  The results were published in 2015 in Analytical Chemistry and the first patent, which encompasses blood, plasma and the emerging field of dried blood spot analysis issued in 2014 for 24 years.

QualeVita has exclusive rights to these techniques and patents for applications in the biologic business.  We have developed, published, and patented significantly more accurate and precise Human Health Tests (HHT) with much higher data quality, more convenience, and less physical and emotional distress that currently used HHT from both the established testing companies and recent private startups.

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