Bio-Toxin Blood Tests

QualeVita needle-free blood tests include low-cost single-target tests, targeted test panels for first responders, firefighters, municipal workers, and preventative health panels for preconception and pregnant women.  These test results give you and your health care provider a snapshot of your body’s toxic burden, also known as your exposome. This information is used as part of your overall health assessment.

Single Target Lead Test 

Lead – QualeVita has developed a lead test with higher accuracy and sensitivity for early detection of lead toxicity.  This test does not require a blood draw, can be performed anywhere, and is priced below typical copay levels.

healthy infant biting nose of father illustrating how environmental toxin blood tests like those for autism could detect autism before behavioral manifestations

Other tests include:

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Healthy looking pregnant woman showing the benefit of getting Pregnancy Panel environmental toxin blood tests

Pregnancy Panel

QualeVita has developed a targeted test panel for women who are, or who are planning to become, pregnant to minimize the risk of disease to newborn babies.  This test panel establishes baseline levels for 16 metals that are harmful or essential prior to and during pregnancy.  Metal toxicity, measured directly or through biomarkers, has been linked to immune system disorders, developmental disorders, and cognitive development.  Through periodic testing and consultation with your doctor, corrective measures, with a retesting plan can be implemented if necessary.

Custom Panels

The exposome encompasses everything in the environment that you’ve been exposed to.  While all of this can’t be measured, the chemical toxins that have been absorbed and retained by your body, can.  Additionally, biomarkers that point to the susceptibility of your body to the oxidative stress caused by toxins have been identified.  Toxins that can and should be measured include heavy metals, pesticides, and PCBs.

Firefighter:  QualeVita firefighter panels monitor toxin retention and provide actionable health details from academy to retirement for urban, rural, and wildfire professionals.

Farmer/Farmworker:  QualeVita farmworker panels identify pesticide and  priority organic pollutant accumulation in rural workers for preventative health maintenance. 

Urban Municipal workers:  Police, transit, public works professionals risk automotive emission exposure.   QualeVita tests provide early warning of toxic burden and monitor health maintenance.

Healthy family peeking over content about environmental toxin blood tests and what they tell us about our exposome (exposure to environmental toxins)
Depending on any symptoms and environmental or genetic risk factors, you and your doctor may wish to run these tests on you and your family to determine exposures, sensitivity to exposure, and toxic burden.


Get an Environmental Impact Statement – for Your Body

faucet with dirty water illustrating a source of heavy metal contamination making it necessary to order environmental toxin blood tests


Some metals are necessary for good health, and some are harmful to human health.  62 metals can be simultaneously analyzed for total elemental content or speciated.  Tests can be selected ala carte, or by panel. Multi Element Residue List (MERL) panels have been compiled to provide targeted health assessment profiles.

healthy woman showing the benefit of measuring biomarkers of exposure and susceptibility to environmental toxins

Clinical Biomarkers

QualeVita is developing improved biomarker tests enabled by direct isotope dilution. The first of these tests for three clinically significant biomarkers includes total, reduced and oxidized glutathione, metalothionine, and ferritin. New clinical biomarker tests are continuously being released as individual tests and targeted panels.
Image of healthy food like salmon, fruit, olive oil, nuts, legumes, that can be contaminated by persistent organic pollutants necessitating the use of environmental toxin blood tests to determine individual exposure


>40 Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) including the carcinogens and teratogens are identified by WHO and the Stockholm Convention. Chlorinated pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polybrominated diphenyl esters, and chlorinated benzene compounds are simultaneously analyzed to provide a health assessment profile.

Check back as more tests for biomarkers become available.

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